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14 May 2011 @ 07:56 pm
It seems i am able to post entries once a month now.... it will become a habit.
Next weeken i will be attending London expo convention i was forced to go by my best friend so i will go as Boris the cheshire cat from Heart no kuni no alice which should be interesting since it's not widley known. i'll be staying a week in London sadly i will miss D's concert since they are playing on the 18th and i have to go job center on that week pity really i've grown to love visual kei bands now. am sure they'll come back as well as all the others.

Still unable to find a job as well which sucks it's going to take me longer to get my own place at this rate someday just please hire me....
also having problems socially it seems all my friends cept for my best friend have decided to abandon me over a stupid reason too....

this is what i'll post for now in 3 weeks i promise to share my convention experiance like i did with Girugamesh concert!!!
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30 March 2011 @ 05:47 pm
Well i went to Girugamesh concert and had the time of my life
so far anyway only bad part was my camera acted up so there arent any
good pictures i have 2 that you can see Satoshi clearly pity
i couldnt get rest of band, next time i go to see them or An cafe
or any jrock concert i'll make my camera works.

London itself is pretty good to look around bought a waistcoat and im in love with it rare to find them too cept Londo.

All in all it was a nice weekend and hope to do it again in future

thats all for now
bye nyappy!
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03 March 2011 @ 12:30 am
it's already march been so busy seems only a week ago it was end of january.
next week i finish my work place and have to go back to jobcenter sucks i really want to move to my own place and get a job and support myself but breaking away isnt easy not when my parents dont want me to.

In one way i've been busy is going back to liking more heavy metal gothic style and music i still love kinki kids though just things faze in and out like now i have found playing on ps2 alot more fun than a year missing it playing final fantasy 12 of late and waiting till pokemon white comes out on friday is a bore... i did go blackpool with my friends for my birthday which was a lot of fun nice to hang out all together like that i hope it can be done again and men dont expect me to pay for them again since they'll jsut birn up debts... sadly no pics were taken since werent that great hopefully next time we go be better and its was soo cold yet got drenched from one ride that i had to borrow a coat...

thats how its been so far post again with maybe a better postage since not much to write abou.
Girugamesh in March going to post nearer time i'l take pics then
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03 January 2011 @ 02:58 pm
Not posted in a while since i was busy with work but have been posting once in a while.
Christmas and new year have gone and past and finally after waiting a year it's finally january my favourite time of the month since there's Koichi's birthday which is a bit late but happy birthday koichi and then my birthday on the 18th also going to be busy this month due to going to london this week for my friends birthday which was in december but the show were are going to see was in january 2 weeks before mine so might make it a double one if we can then i've got alton towers to go to in febuary for my birthday plan since it opens in feb damn them but oh well then i got a girugamesh concert in march it's already start of new year and already busy but can't wait.

i shall post again when im free maybe for my birthday which i will be working only half a day but never mind..
take care
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14 November 2010 @ 02:36 pm
To those who fought in the
war a moment of silence at
11 this morning may they rest in peace.

on a happier non violent note
for my birthday next year well part
of it going to see Girugamesh
in London so looking forward to it

work is hectic getting yelled at
by loads of customers but
i blame them because some
things aren't priced and
not allowed to price them thats
the managers one i can give them
and estimate but not exact
so they yell at me, man people are a pain
at times not grateful at all
well thats the uk some people are too arrogant.

thats it for me
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17 September 2010 @ 07:11 pm
Once everytime i'll update
i find myself annoyed i can't give something back to the kinki fanbase
it drives me insane when i take the subs all i can say is thanks.... one day i'll do something as i can't translate nor read Japanese.

I'm happy to say though now i have 2 pet Fish of my own i named them Sharkey and George after the old cartoon i used to watch i understand what Tsuyoshi was saying about fish how theyre so calming to watch. i so can't wait till i get a place to myself i'll get a bigger tank and have more fish.
another happy note is my driving provisional will be coming soon i want to drive badly now.

I have no other updates other than i am working which is good as i get paid.
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31 July 2010 @ 10:00 pm
Wow i have been getting right into TOKIO of late maybe cause kinki aren't that active now i know there are a few things like their cm and Koichi's dvd and cd part from that no new news.

i've seen this shindoi where Tsuyoshi is ignoring the guest while he plays with a lion cub but i have no idea who it was i want to see the whole ep ah well never mind same goes for some shin domoto kyoudai's a few i really want to see but can't find....
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23 July 2010 @ 05:37 pm

I did this inspired by a friend of mine doing a role play involving Koichi and Shota where i couldn't pick one to be with... it is a hard decision to make. This is my deviant art account where i put my drawings
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11 July 2010 @ 05:33 pm
it's been a while for update.

I've ordered Kinki kids J dvd limited edition im soo happy i can't wait
i can't believe i did oh well no going back it'll be my second dvd but my first time bying one when they come out...

I got my brother's wedding in August yay panda! it'll be an interesting twist of idian and scottish what a combo.
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12 June 2010 @ 01:58 pm
Not much to really write about. Though my laptop is now fixed and i have finished a retail course though failed to get any jobs i'm now back on the job center.
litteraly there is nothing to say that is wort mentioning my life is boring yeah i know sorry bout that.
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